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Cast of Characters for An Ordinary Marriage

The following are the names and relationships of the people who appear most frequently in An Ordinary Marriage: The World of a Gentry Family in Provincial Russia (Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Natalia Ivanovna Chikhacheva (nee Chernavina), wife of Andrei (1799-1866)

  • Andrei Ivanovich Chikhachev, husband of Natalia (1798-1875?)

    • Aleksei Andreevich Chikhachev, son of Natalia and Andrei (1825-1874?)

    • Anna Konstantinovna Chikhacheva (nee Boshniak), wife of Aleksei

      • Kostya (1854-1918) and Andryosha (1860-61) Chikhachev, sons of Aleksei and Anna.

    • Aleksandra Andreevna Rogozina (nee Chikhacheva), daughter of Natalia and Andrei (1829-1850)

    • Vasilii Ivanovich Rogozin, husband of Aleksandra (1825-1862)

      • Vanya (b. 1848), Andryosha (1849-61), and Kolya (b. 1850) Rogozin, sons of Aleksandra and Vasilii.

  • Yakov Ivanovich Chernavin, younger brother of Natalia, best friend of Andrei (1804-1845)

  • Timofei Ivanovich Krylov, described as “uncle“ by the Chikhachevs, lived with Yakov Chernavin for many years at Berezovik; his exact relationship to the Chernavin family is unclear

  • Nikolai Ivanovich Zamytskii, cousin/adopted brother of Andrei, another close friend

  • Close friends and neighbors: Ikonnikovs, Yazykovs, Kultashevs, Cherepanovs, Izmailova, Pozharskiis, Kashcheevs

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