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Want me to come talk?

 I’m happy to come as time allows, or do an online talk or workshop. I require the same honorarium you currently pay to other Ph.D. experts, including the male ones, and for in-person talks I also expect paid travel expenses. I am willing to waive the honorarium and expenses in certain circumstances – namely, a local K-12 venue or any CUNY institution.


I give talks on the following subjects (and can combine two on the same visit, and/or combine a talk with a workshop or other event).


  • for students:

    “What Are College Expectations?”
    “A Short History of the Information Revolution and How to Survive It”
    “What Is History and What Is It Good For?”
    “What Is Higher Education and What Is It Good For?”
    “What Is a History Essay and Why Would I Write One?”
    “What Is a History Major and What Will It Give Me?”
    "What Are Primary and Secondary Sources and Why Do We Care?"
    “Historical Research Skills: The Only Real Time Machine”

  • for instructors:

    “Bringing Writing into the Classroom”
    “Teaching Writing as a TA”
    “Bringing Writing into the Curriculum”
    “How to Give Meaningful Feedback and Still Have a Life”
    “Don’t Be Reviewer 2: How to Write about Other People’s Work”


I regularly talk about my microhistory, An Ordinary Marriage: The World of a Gentry Family in Provincial Russia, concentrating on the central issue of the marriage roles defined by this family as mother-material provider and father-educator/moral guide.

I can also present on some of my current research on why proto-industrialization is not a thing and how textiles can help us understand Russian economic development in the nineteenth century as a regional phenomenon

My gesturing wildly while giving a talk
Me giving a talk on the translation of An Ordinary Marriage


I’m also happy to talk on these subjects for podcasts or interviews. You can hear what I sound like on the New Books in Russian Studies podcastFlash Forward podcast, Past Loves podcast, or the podcast Yeah I Got a F#%*ing Job with a Liberal Arts Degree or, if you can stomach the Rasputin porn, on episodes 2-5 of The Last Czars on Netflix. You can also find out more about me in my HNN “What I’m Reading” interview. 

Review Copies

If you need a free review copy of one of my books, please contact Oxford University Press for An Ordinary Marriage or The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays, or contact me for a copy of A Consumer’s Guide to Information: How to Avoid Losing Your Mind on the Internet.

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