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Courses I Teach

I teach the Russian history curriculum at Queens College, City University of New York, which includes lecture courses on Imperial and Soviet Russia, seminars on Ivan the Terrible, Stalinism, and Post-Communist Russia, as well as timely special topics such as the Russian Revolution in the year of its centennial and a graduate course on the collapse of the USSR. I also created and frequently teach the history course for CUNY's disciplinary writing requirement at QC, called Hist 190: Writing and History. Other methods-centered courses I teach are the introductory research seminar for our master's program and an introduction to the social sciences for QC's Honors in Social Sciences program, as well as a graduate course on historians engaging the public. I also created senior capstone courses that explore advanced methods: on the global history of textiles and on using detective fiction as a source on the history of interwar Europe.


Resources for Students

Russia and Eastern Europe:


On Writing, Reading, and Learning:





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