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Pictures & Maps Related to 
An Ordinary Marriage

All photographs are my own (© Katherine Pickering Antonova 2012) unless otherwise noted. Please don’t use or distribute my images without my permission.


The Chikhachevs’ main residence was the village of Dorozhaevo. Their house still stands, and for many years housed the village school, though it was recently for sale. Little is still visible of the old estate and its original village houses, but the limewood allee mentioned by the Chikhachevs in the 1830s is still discernible, as well as their pond.

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The Zimenki Churches

Zimenki was a village neighboring the Chikhachevs’ village of Dorozhaevo. Zimenki was home to one masonry church in the mid-nineteenth century, until Andrei Chikhachev helped raised funds to build a second church and a public library. The library building no longer stands and its contents were scatter, though some key items are currently in the historical museum of a nearby town. 

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The Chikhachevs' Environs

The following images depict areas around Vladimir province that the Chikhachevs frequented.

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