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Ekaterina Boltunova and Willard Sunderland, eds, Regions of Imperial Russia: Identity, Representation, Meaning (NLO Historia Rossica, 2020)

Another great experience of conference presentation transformed into an exciting edited volume. My chapter here is "A Regional Paradigm of Economic Development in Nineteenth-Century Russia."

Matthew P. Romaniello, Alison K. Smith, and Tricia Starks, eds., The Life Cycle of Russian Things: From Fish Guts to Fabergé, 1600-present (Bloomsbury, 2020)

I had a wonderful experience contributing to this volume, with my chapter entitled, "The Thickness of a Plaid: Textiles on the Chikhachev Estate in 1830s Vladimir Province."

Cover of Russian-language edited volume on the Regions of Imperial Russia, NLO Historia Rossica series, 2020
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